What is Paintless Dent Repair

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Paintless Dent Repair

The auto repair and restoration business has blossomed and grown to be a multi billion dollar business in recent years especially in auto body repair. Along with the rising demand costs have greatly increased. A small dent repair at a local body shop can cost around $600 or more easily to fix. Multiply that by 6 (the average number of parking lot dings, gouges and dents per car) and you can pay over $2000 to just fix all the dents and dings on your car. Yes, car repair to your car or trucks sheet metal is very expensive.

Then, in comes paintless dent repair. Paintless dent repair has been around for over ten years and was first started at local car dealerships for fixing used cars and increasing used car revenues (like headlight restoration). It was started as a way to save money and spruce up the cars, which not only made them look better, but also made them fetch a higher sale price. In a nut shell, paintless dent removal is the repairing of small dents and dings by gently massaging them out with rods and metal bars that are inserted and applied from the backside.

Paintless dent technicians are specially trained with tools similar to pry bars, mirrors and special lights to gently massage and return the formerly bent and stretched metal to its former shape. This may seem difficult, but actually most repairs can be done in 20 -30 minutes and the results are nothing short of amazing. Most dents and dings are easily repaired, unless the dent is on a door edge or a difficult crease then they may only be fixed with traditional auto body shop repairs like sanding, filling and painting. The end result of paintless dent repair in most cases will be like the dent or ding was never there. It is completely removed.

The average cost is around $50 per ding or dent and a discount is usually given for multiple dings and dents. Obviously a used car dealership with a lot of inventory will have lower volume prices around $30 per dent. Paintless dent removal, like headlight restoration, is a high profit margin business that any automotive business can use to add to their bottom line. Many businesses do actually pay their entire lease or rent from these add-on businesses alone.

As lives become more hectic and frantic it is still a good idea to always park far away to avoid the typical shopping lot door dings and dents. But, as we all know they will happen regardless due to a errant shopping cart, reckless kids, etc... There is no way out of it. Dents and dings could even come as hail damage from a bad thunderstorm, a ding from the neighborhood kids soccer ball, etc. It will happen, but you do not have to pay through the nose to have them fixed and keep your car or truck in pristine condition. Paintless dent removal, just like headlight restoration is for headlights, is the best solution for small everyday dings and dents.

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